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Middle School

中学是孩子们过渡和巨大成长的时期. These years, while potentially unsettling, may be the most rewarding years ever for Moses Brown students.

At Moses Brown, students discover themselves, explore their identities and learning styles, develop friendships, and are encouraged to find personal passions. 

The school year begins with an immersive four-day, three-night trip that brings students and teachers together, forming and nurturing lasting bonds of friendship and respect. 从那里开始,他们开始投入到学术挑战和新的自由和责任层面. Throughout the year, 学生们在一个既支持又具有挑战性的环境中了解自己并为自己辩护.

Whether they're tackling economics, slam poetry, racial justice, or runoff ecology, every lesson draws on multiple skills and strengths, 确保所有孩子都能得到适当的挑战和支持,以最大限度地发挥他们独特的天赋.

And with a collaborative and dynamic corps of seasoned, innovative educators, 学生从跨学科的多个综合学习单元中获益良多, allowing both a breadth and depth of learning.

Students enjoy new social opportunities, expanded after-school offerings, competitive and recreational athletics, inclusive arts ensembles, and high-quality performing arts offerings. They learn to take responsibility for themselves, 同时还有一群熟悉他们的老师的大力支持. 


A Typical Day

Every middle schooler's day begins with advisory, 学生培养与同龄人和值得信赖的成年人的积极关系. Classes are frequently woven together in a blend of literature, mathematics, science and social studies. 他们探索互联网带来的技术和社会机遇和挑战,并学习如何确保安全, responsible citizens online. Students are challenged to think critically, work collaboratively, find their voice in the classroom, and listen thoughtfully to their peers' ideas and opinions.

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Life in Middle School